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The Way is a Christian year program designed specifically for young adults between 18-25 years old.  This life changing program leads our students to discover their God-given purpose through mentorship, learning, experience and adventure. 

We are currently running a blanket drive to bring relief and aid to the flood victims in KZN and to the community of Zandspruit. Click the button to find out more information.

A year for your future

This one year program will give you guidance and freedom to decide on your future. It will provide meaningful theoretical and practical experience in many spheres of life. Make The Way program apart of your life journey. A great way to stretch your legs for adventure in your youth.

World Changers

Our desire is to develop world changers who leave the program primed to make a difference in our world. Founded in the truths of the Gospel and equipped with practical skills, our students will be geared to bring meaningful change in different spheres of the world. 


On the bases of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, we will go into our neighbourhood, country and abroad, to make disciples and to serve others in love. These exciting real life adventures will expose the young adults to different people, cultures and lifestyles.

In 2020 we were able to serve in efforts that distributed more than 10,000 food parcels to families in need. 2021 saw many other opportunities of supporting those in need. Sign up for The Way 2022 and join us in making a difference in many lives.

Lifelong friendships

An exciting year of training times, team building activities and action packed mission trips will develop close relationships. We invite all to come and find new brothers and sisters that will have these experiences with each other for a lifetime.

is The Way gap year for you?

YES, The Way is for you. The Way will equip you with the necessary tools to take this life on by storm. Start right, and avoid this waste of time, energy and money. Studies show that a direct transfer from secondary to tertiary learning often doesn’t work, leaving up to 70% of tertiary students dropping out or changing study paths. 


Young adults will have the opportunity to receive support and guidance from mature believers during the program. These mentors will help them in making personal progress with their walks with God, as well as giving some input in career decisions.


The Way program offers meaningful content and practical experience that will train young adults in various spheres of life. The program’s elements are split into 6 sub-programs. These sub-programs are facilitated by experienced professionals.


To know God personally through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Life Skills

There is much for young people to learn to be responsible adults in a an ever changing world.

Healthy Living

Teaching, training and exercise to show how to live a holistically healthy balanced life.

Career and Business

Experts deliver lectures with relevant content on how to plan and choose careers.


To preach the gospel, pray and serve in love local and international communities.


God has called every believer to a local church for relationships, service and spiritual growth.

The year is split into 2 semesters, each semester is split into 2 terms. The terms will be based on the dates of the South African public school terms. For international students, they may register for the program from semester 2.

Semester 1
January - June

Semester 2
August - December

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