Shaping Your Future

The mission of The Way.


Life is for living, and living with a purpose. We equip our students with tools to reach their full potential and personal goals. Our aim is to help them discover who they are as the venture out into the world.


Entering this world as a young adult is one of the most exciting times. Endless possibilities and paths to mature in. We set up young adults to move forward confidently.


The year has action packed experiences from missions, outreaches, trips and outings. Offering Spiritual and personal growth and building life long, true friendships.

Parent Reviews

This past year our son Darren took part in The Way Gap Year programme through Northpoint Church. He joined this programme as he was not sure what he wanted to study or do from a career perspective and this was a great opportunity for him to spend a year discovering himself, likes and dislikes, and the spirituality journey he wanted to travel.
We weren’t sure what to expect but trusted that this was the right programme for his needs and where he found himself. He quickly settled in and in the first three months thrived and grew. Lockdown happened and the programme moved online due to not being able to leave our homes. Darren struggled as he is hearing impaired and battled to hear much on the Zoom calls. Brad quickly noticed and came alongside Darren and kept in touch ensuring he still felt involved and connected.
The online learning sessions were informative and relevant and he learnt a lot from the material that was presented and discussed. The focus on spiritual, mental and physical was excellent and we really feel he learnt a lot about himself. Carole chatted to him often about career guidance and assisted him in expanding his thinking. He benefited hugely from this intervention. Once he was back at Northpoint and involved Darren felt a new sense of purpose and has really enjoyed his time there. He loves Shaun’s purple book discussions which has certainly deepened his understanding of the scriptures and supported him in translating it into life. Next year he wants to study theology through SATS and Shaun as offered to keep in touch with him. A real big thank you from Judes and I for the involvement and commitment of all involved. You are a real blessing and we have seen the fruits of your commitment.

Wayne and Judy
Darren’s Parents (The Way 2020)