The Way is a one year program that will develop strong foundations for young people to follow Jesus and prepare them for life as adults who make a difference in the world. Our program offers many areas of teaching and training. The program has 6 components i.e. Theology, Life Skills, Healthy Living, Career and Business, Mission and Ministries. Each program component has content that has been identified and developed in association with relevant subject matter experts. Our focus is to intentionally disciple our students and prepare them for the life that is ahead of them.


The aim of the theology section is for students to know God personally through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Our desire is for the students to know Jesus, believe in Him, become like Him and tell others about Him. This will be done by establishing biblical foundations for strong disciples of Jesus. Here we will have Bible based, Christ centred, Spirit led and Mission oriented teaching times. We will cover the following in both accredited and non-accredited options:

  • Christian foundations (God, Sin, Salvation, Biblical Worldview, Discipleship & Leadership, The Church, Prayer, Worship, Evangelism & Missions)
  • Practical Application within the context of a local church in various ministry settings
  • Mission in the local community, other cities and short term international mission trips

Life Skills

There is much for young people to learn to be responsible adults in a an ever changing world. Our training times will develop our students to accomplish these new found responsibilities better and quicker. 

The program will consist of elements such as;

  • Personal finances: generosity, giving household budgeting, banking, tax and investing.
  • Technology: training in hardware and software (documents and presentations), website development and elementary coding.
  • Maintenance: practical training in household and vehicle maintenance.
  • Cooking: basics in fresh food preparation, braai-ing (barbeque) and baking for personal and hosting purposes.
  • Gardening: training in growing herbs, vegetables and plants.
  • Time management: guidelines on priority setting, time allocation and practices that will ensure ongoing personal development in all spheres of life.
  • Trade skills: exposure and practice of various DIY projects, woodworking, plumbing, electrical and more.
  • First Aid Course: each learner will complete an accredited Level 1 First Aid course.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living aims to teach students to live a healthy life. 

The program will consist of elements such as:

  • Exercise: teaching and practice on the importance of movement and weekly training times with a qualified personal trainer. 
  • Nutrition: teaching on how to follow a healthy diet on a planned budget.
  • Hygiene: this section we will teach students the importance and practice of good personal hygiene.
  • Rest: Biblical teaching and practice of healthy rest on an ongoing basis.

Career and Business

We will have relevant content experts deliver lectures on how to plan and choose careers in line with God given talents and purpose. 

The program will consist of elements such as;

  • Career training: assisting our students to identify desirable careers, set achievable goals and establish career paths as part of the CareerBuild program.
  • Career skills: practical training on job readiness which include interview training, CV writing, social media set-up and job application.
  • Entrepreneurship and business management: Practical training covering the foundations of business start-up and management as part of the My Business program.
  • Project management training and events co-ordination.


Engaging with our local communities and those in other countries to preach the gospel, pray and serve them in love.

The program will consist of elements such as;

  • Local trips: visiting other communities and churches in South Africa.
  • Impophomo: involvement in socio-economic development projects with Impophomo (Northpoint City Churches social outreach program.)
  • Abroad: we will go into other countries to minister to local communities and churches there e.g. Zimbabwe
  • Hospital ministry: we will visit local hospitals to preach the gospel and pray for the sick.
  • Social Service project: The team of students will be given the opportunity to run a meaningful project from start to finish. It will include identifying a problem, developing a working solution, fundraising and implementation of the solution.


God has called every believer to a local church for relationships, service and spiritual growth.

The program will consist of service and experience in the following areas:

  • Youth: Pulse (High School) on a Friday nights.
  • Kids: Friday nights (Grade 4-7) and Sunday mornings (2 years to Grade 7).
  • Audio Visual and Sound:  learning sound and audio visual skills and technology for the different church services.
  • Music and band: guidance and practice for those who have a desire or an ability to play musical instrument or use vocals.
  • Drama and dance: a ministry that expresses the Gospel through artistic expression of dance and drama.
  • Hospitality: welcoming, hosting and interacting with people in different environments.
  • Prayer: joining the regular church prayer times as well as the intercession team who pray regularly into circumstances and events as they arise.
  • Church work: participation in the day to day tasks at the church.
  • Seniors: serve and interact with the elderly at the church and those in retirement residences. 
  • Events: serve in the planning, preparing and running of events at the church.
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